Instructor’s Universal Dual Brake



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Positive Braking and Ease of Operation

Our Instructor’s Universal Dual Brake provides positive braking and ease of operation by the driving instructor. The use of aircraft grade cable and fittings insures safety. The Dual Brake Set installs completely within the passenger compartment, even in vehicles with limited space under the dash. The actuation cable can be easily adjusted to length during installation.

The instructor’s brake pedal assembly is made from custom aluminum castings. The brake pad swivels for comfort. An angle bracket (shown under pedal assembly) can be used to compensate for the vehicle’s floor slope.

The anchor assembly which attaches to the vehicle’s floor and the service brake pedal arm is completely adjustable.


Other Advantages

  • Comes with an UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – unmatched in the Industry***
  • ALL PARTS ARE MADE TO MILSPEC – cables are 1/8th in. Thick – Thickest Highest Quality Cable in the Industry
  • A unique pedal arm design that allows easy braking with power brakes and non-power brakes.
  • A pivoted pedal that provides a comfortable angle.
  • An adjustable pedal position radial ball-bearing pulley made from screw machine parts.
  • An enclosed flexible cable casing to protect floor carpeting and insure smooth cable operation.
  • Easily transfers from car to car.
  • Replacement parts are available.
  • ***per correct install and cables checked and changed annually

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