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How Many Vehicles Are Needed?

One Person Driving Schools exist and they make it happen with one Vehicle.  However, in order to graduate to the higher income levels, you really need to have over 2-3 cars.  In New Jersey, where there are no required Classrooms, local Driving Schools must have over 3 cars to survive (no Classroom Income to add into overall revenue).  In Maryland, Classroom is required, so a school can make it on 1-2 Vehicles—but earning are still lower until you adds more Vehicles.

What Kinds Of Vehicles Are Best?

All manner of Vehicles can and have been used since Driver-Ed started in the 1950’s.
Annie Oakley learned on Stagecoach (ha, ha).

Smaller and more fuel efficient cars work better than Vans and SUV’s.  Here are some of the most popular Makes and Models.

  • FORD – Focus, Fusion
  • CHEVROLET – Malibu, Impala, Cruze
  • HONDA – Civic, Accord, Fit
  • TOYOTA – Corolla, Prius
  • HYUNDAI – Elantra
  • KIA – Rio
  • NISSAN – Sentra, Note

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