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Your ONE-STOP SHOP for all things Driver Training Products related.



Highest Quality Products


We offer the highest quality Instructor Dual Brakes, Platform Brakes, Brake and Gas Controls, as well as replacement parts.

These TITAN Brakes have been used but are in good condition. Great care and attention has been taken in refurbishing them for use. Each unit has a new cable and  cleaned pulley wheels.   The TITAN is renowned for its quality and durability.  It will last its new owner many years.  Installation is simple so that a ‘handy’ owner or teacher can handle install

Low-Profile, light weight Aluminum Cable-System, stops Up To 10,000 lbs. The Brake is used by AAA, Homeland Security, FDNY and over 1,000 Driving Schools Nationwide.   FITS ALL MODEL VEHICLES — ALL USA Product.

Low-Profile, light weight Aluminum Cable-System, stops Up To 10,000 lbs. The Brake is used by AAA, Homeland Security, FDNY and over 1,000 Driving Schools Nationwide. FITS ALL MODEL VEHICLES — ALL USA Product.

This Custom, ALL USA Product is ideal for Schools working in high-traffic situations, Parents and Rural Carriers- working from the passenger-side.   Made of light-weight Aluminum (6 lbs), it fits neatly on the floorboard, and attaches easily to the Brake and Gas Throttle on the Driver-Side. Call for pricing.


Genuine Instructor’s Dual Brake Replacement parts and Titan Brake Replacement parts to assure your product is always working as you expect.

  • Replacement Cable
  • Complete Cable Assembly
  • Pully / Plate Replacement
  • Mirrors
  • and more


We carry a large variety of accessories for your students or your school such as Magnets, Mirrors, Safety Kits and Wedge Cushions and more.

Guaranteed to be the top of the line Cones and PVC Poles in the industry at the lowest price. We also include Reflective strips that aren’t available anywhere else. Visit our Cones page and compare our product with the competition.

We have a variety of dual and single Student Driver Magnets, magnets for your Driving School, and a variety of Rookie Driver magnets. We can also create one specifically for your state or your school.

Roadside Safety Kits – SafetyKit-UltimateThe Ultimate, Deluxe and Best Value Kits – A comprehensive small car emergency kit. It covers two major problem you might have with your car on a road: flat tire and dead batteries.

Reflective Triangle Kit – These fluorescent, reflective triangles can be used day or night. Movable arms fold up for easy assembly and down for quick storage. Kit includes three triangles. No tools required for setup. Compact plastic storage box included.


We have several types of classroom aids for all your Driver Training needs. If you don’t see it here, just ask us.  Driver’s Edge Interactive Slides and Videos Complete Course Curriculum Developed by, and for, Driver Education Instructors The entire course curriculum $795.00 The 3-unit segments can be purchased separately at $149 each.

An absolute must for all teen aged drivers. This manual will help your student and new driver learn the ins and outs of driving safely and competently. Buy up to 24 copies online, or contact us for bulk pricing. Email for Pricing

Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Scratch and Dent Pricing

In response to many requests, we are offering “scratch and dent” pricing on some products.  If you are looking for any of the items, please call us for value pricing.

  • Used Brakes
  • Parts
  • Mirrors
  • Car Topper
  • Classroom Material
  • Posters
This popular new training brake innovation prevents having to drill anywhere in the vehicle for installation! The most preferred training brake for new cars. Choose from different models, where the brake kits are custom made to fit your exact vehicle.
Your one-stop shop for everything needed for the Disabled Driver, with a focus on Secondary Controls and Gas & Brake Controls. Our Top Products that people choose are Training Brakes and Instructor Mirrors.
Your one-stop shop for everything needed for a Drivers Ed Program, with a focus on Vehicle and Classroom Supplies. Offering hard to find and nice items, our Top Products include all Training Brakes, Instructor Mirrors, Classroom Posters and Workbooks.

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