Driver’s Edge Interactive Slides and Videos

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Developed by and for Driver Education Instructors

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  • 30 Hours of instruction, including tests and quizzes.
  • 26 classroom lessons with 1756 PowerPoint slides and 55 short videos. Designed to teach the rules of the road and the essential strategies and tactics needed for safe driving. Real life traffic situations ignite thought provoking discussions preparing students for both the common and unexpected challenges in all types of driving situations. Also covered are all the relevant topical subjects found in today’s Driver Education textbooks.
  • Best when used with LCD projector in classroom setting.  Students can also go through the lessons individually.

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UNIT 1 - Signs, Shapes and Colors

Signs, Shapes and Colors, Signals and Pavement Markings, Natural Forces Upon a Vechile

Room to Live, Traffic Control Devices, Left Turn – No Arrow, Point of No Return, Understanding Car Crashes – Physics

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UNIT 2 - Residential Part 1 and Part 2

Residential Part 1, Residential Part 2, Four Rules of the Road Quizzes (based on Units 1 and 2)

3-Part Turn, Ease Up, Left Turn, Right Turn, School Zones, Starting Procedure, Bikes, Commentary Driving, Trains, Pedestrians, Share the Road: Bikes

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UNIT 3 - 4 Lane Driving

4 Lane Driving, Driver Physical Fitness, Driver Psychological Fitness

Lane Changes, Running Red Lights, Traffic Controls, Drowsy Driving

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UNIT 4 - City and Parking

City and Parking, Personal Security, Sharing the Road

Boxed-In Video, Car Bump Video, Angle Parking, Straight-In Parking, Uphill Parking, Downhill Parking, Car Walk Video, Keys Video

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UNIT 5 - City Driving Complex

City Driving Complex, Seatbelts – Air Bags – Child Restraints, Vehicle Maintenance

Child Car Safety, Damage Video, Never Made It, Pumpkin Video, Reducing Crash Risk, Seat Belt Crash, Vehicle Maintenance

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UNIT 6 - 2-Lane Rural Driving

2-Lane Rural Driving, Driving Distractions, Trip Planning

Construction, Crash Barriers, Fixed Objects, No Passing, Crazy Distractions, Distracted Drive, Traffic Jams, Using the Shoulder, Preparing the Car for a Road Trip

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UNIT 7 - Interstate and Expressway Driving

Interstate and Expressway Driving, Alcohol and Marijuana: Scope of the Problem – Effects (2 lessons), Alcohol – Legal Aspects, Problem Solving Situations (2 lessons)

Merging, Merging with Truck, Double Left Turn Lane, Trucks, Under Construciton: Teenage Brain

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UNIT 8 - Adverse and Emergency Situations

Adverse and Emergency Situations, Insurance, Collision Procedures, Buying a New or Used Vehicle, Vehicle Components and Systems

Rain, Skidding, No Brakes, Good Turn In Snow, Skid with ABS, Turn Too Fast in Snow

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