Titan Replacement Parts

Titan Brake Replacement Parts

Genuine TITAN replacement parts to assure your brake is always working as you expect.

Replacement Cables

5 Foot Replacement Cable for TITAN #9692017T – $54.95 plus SH

[paypal type=”add” amount=”54.95″ productname=”5 Foot Replacement Cable for TITAN” sku=”9692017T” shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”16.95″ shipcost2=”16.95″]

6 Foot Replacement Cable for TITAN #969100IDEA – $59.95 plus SH

[paypal type=”add” amount=”59.95″ productname=”6 Foot Replacement Cable for TITAN” sku=”969100IDEA” shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”16.95″ shipcost2=”16.95″]

Universal Arm-Bracket

Universal Arm-Bracket #969101 $54.95 plus SH

Used for Wider and Newer OEM Brake Pedal Arms where TITAN older mounts are too narrow.

[paypal type=”add” amount=”54.95″ productname=”Universal Arm-Bracket for TITAN” sku=”969101″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”16.95″ shipcost2=”16.95″]

Pedal Arm Spring

Pedal Arm Spring  #969103 $46.95  plus SH

Engages Brake Pedal Arm and creates firm stopping pressure.  Half-Dollar Sized.

[paypal type=”add” amount=”46.95″ productname=”Pedal Arm Spring for TITAN” sku=”969103″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”16.95″ shipcost2=”16.95″]

Return Small Spring

Return Small Spring #9691118  $11.95 plus SH

Engages Brake Pedal Arm and creates firm stopping pressure.  Half-Dollar Sized.

[paypal type=”add” amount=”11.95″ productname=”Return Small Spring for TITAN” sku=”9691118″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”9.95″ shipcost2=”9.95″]

Floor Mount

Floor-Mount #969109  $119.95 plus SH

Placed on Driver-Side floor, under Brake.  Has 1″ round Pulley-Wheel and uses Flex-Spring for unique placements.

[paypal type=”add” amount=”119.95″ productname=”Floor Mount for TITAN” sku=”969109″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”23.95″ shipcost2=”23.95″]

Complete Cable Assembly

Complete Cable Assembly #969110 – $109.95 plus SH

Includes cable, coiled support and plastic sheath.

[paypal type=”add” amount=”109.95″ productname=”Complete Cable Assembly for TITAN” sku=”969110″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”26.95″ shipcost2=”26.95″]

Tension Spring

Tension-Spring #969104 – $17.95 plus SH

Releases brake, when brake lights stay on- due to ‘drag’. Attaches to lower brake and tied-off on upper Arm/Housing. OEM part is 13 3/4 ” Long (4-5″ longer than Auto-Part Store variety).

[paypal type=”add” amount=”17.95″ productname=”Tension Spring for TITAN” sku=”969104″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”11.95″ shipcost2=”11.95″]


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