Dual Brake Replacement Parts

Instructor’s Dual Brake Replacement Parts

Genuine replacement parts to assure your product is always working as you expect.

Replacement Cable

Replacement Cable for 9602 (6foot) #9691 – $59.95+ 21.95 S/H

[paypal type=”add” amount=”59.95″ productname=”Replacement Cable for 9602 (6 Ft)” sku=”9691″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”21.95″ shipcost2=”21.95″]

Complete Cable Assembly

Military Grade Aircraft Hangar Cable – Strongest Cable in the Industry.  Measures 5 ft. long.  Swage Ball on the end ensures integrity.  Fits our Universal Dual Brake and the Titan Brake.

Complete Cable Assembly (Includes cable, coiled support and plastic sheath) #969110 – $109.95 + 23.95 S/H

[paypal type=”add” amount=”109.95″ productname=”Complete Cable Assembly)” sku=”969110″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”23.95″ shipcost2=”23.95″]

Floor Mount

Placed on Driver-side floor, under Brake.  Has 1 round Pully-Wheel and uses Flex-Spring for unique placements.

Pulley/Plate #969109 – $119.95 + 23.95 S/H

[paypal type=”add” amount=”119.95″ productname=”Floor Mount” sku=”969109″ shipadd=”2″ shipcost=”23.95″ shipcost2=”23.95″]

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